About PronounDB

API Documentation

This will be rewritten soon, with a better look and a new API that includes new features. Stay tuned!


Platform: discord, facebook, github, minecraft, twitch, or twitter

Pronouns: Short identifier for a set of pronouns. Here are the identifiers supported by PronounDB, sorted alphabetically:

  • unspecified: Unspecified
  • hh: he/him
  • hi: he/it
  • hs: he/she
  • ht: he/they
  • ih: it/him
  • ii: it/its
  • is: it/she
  • it: it/they
  • shh: she/he
  • sh: she/her
  • si: she/it
  • st: she/they
  • th: they/he
  • ti: they/it
  • ts: they/she
  • tt: they/them
  • any: Any pronouns
  • other: Other pronouns
  • ask: Ask me my pronouns
  • avoid: Avoid pronouns, use my name
For privacy reasons, the API will respond successfully regardless of whether the account is linked to a PronounDB account or not.

Lookup an account

GET /api/v1/lookup

Query parameters

  • platform: A supported platform as described above
  • id: Account ID on the platform

Response: A JSON object with a pronouns property.

Lookup accounts in bulk

It is more efficient to use a simple lookup for single-id queries, and the API may refuse to do bulk lookup for single-id queries in the future.

GET /api/v1/lookup-bulk

Query parameters

  • platform: A supported platform as described above
  • ids: Comma-separated Account IDs, will be cropped to 50 max

Response: A map of IDs with their corresponding set of pronouns.

shields.io endpoint

You can use shields.io's endpoint functionality to create a badge of your pronouns using PronounDB's API. The endpoint is at /shields/:pronoundbId. By default, everything will be in lowercase, but you can add the capitalize query parameter to change this behavior. The PronounDB ID is shown under "Advanced settings" in your account screen.
See shields.io's docs for more information. Below is an example badge of the website's developer pronouns.