Privacy Policy

Last edited: December 13, 2020 automatically collect various metadata sent by your web browser: IP address, browser information, operating system information, timestamp of your visits, pages visited. This data is only kept for seven days and is only used for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. None of this data will be ever shared or sold. lets you connect to external accounts using the OAuth authentication standard. When connecting an external account, will collect the external account's unique identifier, as well as the account's display name on the external platform. You may require the removal of this data directly on the website, by pressing the "Unlink" button next to them, in "My account". In some circumstances, as for example when you only have a single account linked, not be presented with the "Unlink" option. In this case, your only solution is to delete your account. lets you submit some data through the website. All of the data you submit will be collected and stored. You can update it or remove it at any time on the website. You may during your use of be invited to input information regarding your gender identity. By submitting any information on the website, you consent to your data to be stored and processed by to provide its service.

Third parties will be able to lookup the information you submitted on the website based on your linked external accounts. Third parties will not be able to enumerate your linked accounts, and absolutely no information provided by can be used to personally identify you. may distribute aggregated information, such as the total user count or some statistics about website usage, or percentages about the user repartition. In all cases, will never specify who is included in aggregated information.

You may request the entire removal of your data from's servers by deleting your account. Your data will be dropped immediately, but may still live for an additional thirty days on our servers in the form of database backups.

Those policies may be revised at any time and your continued use of the service will be regarded as acceptance of the new policies.