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About PronounDB

Donating to PronounDB

Hey! I'm Cynthia, the developer of PronounDB. I make PronounDB on my spare free time, and have been maintaining it since September 2020. While I'm super happy to make it and to help folks out there, running PronounDB is not free and the servers unfortunately don't pay for themselves.

You can help me out with that, by donating. Donations allow me to pay for servers, and to pay for the hundreds of hours of work I put in making PronounDB. I've enjoyed every hour of it, but for the most part this has been free work I don't get anything for in return.

Donations also go beyond PronounDB. I make a lot of other things which you can also support by donating. 🥺

Donators Decorations

As a token of gratitude, donators get additional decorations they can use. There are 3 permanent donator decorations, and 3 additional decorations people who donate monthly can use while they're subscribed.

Cherry Blossom
Subscribers exclusive
Subscribers exclusive
Subscribers exclusive
Donators exclusive
Donators exclusive
Donators exclusive


You can donate via GitHub Sponsors only at this time (this will require a GitHub account). Make sure to have your GitHub account linked to PronounDB, so I can give you access to the decorations. The process is not automated at this time, so it might get me a few hours or more to get them activated.

Donate via GitHub Sponsors

I will look into providing other ways of donating that don't require an account in the future.